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MALUHIA PACKAGE for 2 - only $8195

(Save over $1000!)
Have a deep, full drink of our magical native offerings that take you to the heart of Hawaiian healing . . . and have accommodation in one of our pre-screened and fabulous ocean-view condominiums. A rental car is included. The highlight of this package is a day spent on a working eco-journey in exotic Waipi'o Valley, planting sacred taro and protecting the land from invasive species. Executive Level experiences with chef-prepared meals and a driver for your car are available at an additional charge.

Featured Person

Keahi Hanakahi

Keahi Hanakahi was born on the island of Oahu, and was raised in Kailua. At 13, he moved to Moloka’i, married and raised his family on Molaka’i, and then he moved to Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai'i. A holder of ancient mana as well as a budding musical star, he melds his vocal talents and spiritual power to produce soul-shifting experiences that have to be felt, they cannot be described. It is a combination of vibrations from many different levels of the Universe all coming together in a single moment, in a single person, augmented by the innate power of the island and all working together with your own soul.

Keahi says that the purpose of bringing his music to the public is he knows that the voice of the Divine comes through him and that this is meant to be shared, to pass on the resonating experience of his voice and its message to others. As Live Hawaiian Music put it recently, "The voice of the Divine cannot be denied when you hear him chant. The effect is electrifying." Keahi also plays the nose flute in combination with his chanting when working with people on spiritual journeys and healing.

A typical private excursion to connect with Keahi would involve going to a private meeting in one of his favorite places of power on the island. It could be in a garden, in a hidden space on Mauna Kea, even at the cliffside looking down on the black sand beach of sacred Waipi'o Valley. There you would have your encounter in complete seclusion in one of the most stunning natural locations on Earth.

Featured Place


The town of Kealakekua is uphill from the famous Kealakekua Bay, about 12 miles south of Kailua-Kona. An historic location well known for the death of Captain James Cook, the European who made first contact with Native Hawaiians in 1778, Kealakekua Bay is also one of Hawai'i's most spectacular coral reefs. Because it is a Marine Life Conservation District fish are plentiful and swarm over the well developed reef that slopes steeply from the shore into the nearby deep water.

Spinner dolphins are also commonly seen resting in the Bay.

At the edge of Kealakekua Bay sits a sacred heiau (temple) that has been attended to by the same family, Aunty Aka's family, for the past 45 consecutive generations.

The large platform of volcanic rock was originally over 16 feet high, 250 feet long, and 100 feet wide. The sheer cliff face called Pali Kapu O Keoua overlooking the bay was the burial place of Hawaiian royalty. The name means "forbidden cliffs of Keoua" in honor of Keoua Nui, sometimes known as the "father of kings" since many rulers were his descendants. The difficulty in accessing the cliff kept the exact burial places secret.

Your dolphin swim will take place alongside wild dolphins in the sheltered waters of the place the locals call K Bay.
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