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We are a spiritual and cultural concierge service, not a wellness center. We craft and connect you to amazing personal experiences that can be woven into complete spiritual retreats of any length. You can see examples of pre-built packages elsewhere on the site, plus any and all of the following wellness experiences can be combined into your own completely customized cultural and personal growth journey to stretch across several days or weeks. Our unmatched experiences will take you out to bond your heart with the healing power of the people and the land of Hawai'i. Build your own package now or click on each to see full descriptions of these unique offerings:

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pahia Experience the unseen Hawaii in this journey to sacred temples and other sacred and powerful places on the Big Island, some of them hidden and unknown to the general public. Guided by your personal kahu and kumu, Ehulani, you will pull back the veil on some of the deepest secrets and mysteries in Hawaii. Ehulani is an internationally known kumu hula, a teacher of the ancient kahiko form of the well-known sacred Hawaiian dance.

Kumu Ehulani's connection to sacred Hawaiian tradition is almost ummatched in Hawaii. A renowned chanter and cultural guide, she is the quintessential Hawaiian feminine energy. Her combination of tropical grace, gentle presence and deep strength will enhance every aspect of your journey.

Length: 6-7 hrs     Price: $1495
****Up to three people included


waipio Join a native Hawaiian family on their private farm in the bottom of lush Waipi’o Valley, the most powerful and mystical of places on the Big Island. Spend a half a day with your feet right in the mud of the sacred earth as you plant and pull taro, ancient staple of the Hawaiian people and still a vibrant crop to this day.
Other companies can only take you through the Valley, it is only our personal relationships that make it possible for you to stay . . . to introduce you to the actual experience of life in one of the world’s truly exotic and breath-taking locations. Enjoy local company and "talk story" about life and culture in one of the most remote locations on the island.

This is the perfect sacred natural Hawaiian experience for a family of four, together connecting to the land as one.

4-Wheel Drive transportation from Waipi’o Lookout [round-trip] into the Valley is provided. Catered private picnic lunch can be provided for an additional charge.

Length: 4-5 hrs     Price: $1195
****Up to four people included


dumas Feel the incredible physical, emotional and spiritual energy of authentic Maori sound played through the didgeridoo by John Dumas. An internationally-renowned master of this ancient Aboriginal instrumment, he brings his great gifts of musical virtuoso to your service in a healing ceremony that will resonate with you forever. Precious gifts indeed they will be.

Hawai'ians are sometimes called Kanaka Maori, part of the family of Polynesian peoples. It is John's belief that through the universal language of music; where words are not needed that the beauty of oneness begins to emerge all over the world. Performing in many countries and sacred sites, throughout, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America has given John the opportunity to lead ceremonies and play inside and Egyptian pyramids, Mayan temples, England's stone circles and the sacred mountaintop of Mt Saana, which is above the Arctic Circle in Finland.

Given to you in a private location arranged just for you. Transportation provided for an additional charge.

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $325


Immerse yourself in a luxurious relaxing massage in a private tropical garden, or by the ocean, or on a Cliffside, given by a true master of the art of lomilomi.

In the early days of passing on the family traditions, whether building canoes, oral history through hula and oli (chanting), la’au’ lapa’au (herbal healing), or healing through lomilomi some would apprentice under one or more kahu for twenty years or more. Some Ancient practitioners often received their knowledge from the ‘Aumakua, ancestral gods, in dreams; these visions could be instantaneous, transmitting a body of information to the practitioner in a flash of light . . .

Feel the tension leave all parts of your body as this ancient technique works its magic.

Given to you in a private location arranged just for you. Transportation can be provided for an additional charge.

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $245


Kukui Lani is Hawaiian for Heavenly Light. Feel the flow of pure love energy take over your body and provide relief for spiritual, emotional and even physical difficulties. Open your body to receive more light and receive it directly from the Universe, passed through the thin Veil that is the Big Island of Hawaii. Similar to reiki but stronger, even longtime and serious ailments can be relieved in this non-touch private session. It can even be self-administered.


This is one of the many healing techniques that works over a distance, you do not need to be here in Hawaii. When you are here, the session is provided to you in a private location arranged just for you. Transportation provided for an additional charge.

Length: 1 - 1½ hrs Price: $325


Enjoy the music of a Grammy-winning local performer such as Slack-key Guitarist John Keawe, or perhaps Sonny Lim, all just for you in the privacy of your own accommodations (assuming they are large enough, or in a location we can arrange for you at an additional charge).

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $1395


Private Hula

Enjoy the cultural and spiritual dance expression that is Hula, performed by local and native dancers just for you in the privacy of your own accommodations, assuming they are large enough, or in a location we arrange for you at an additional charge.

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $995

Private Talk story

Enjoy the private company of three Hawaiian kupuna (elders) as they share with you incredible, soul-enriching stories of life and culture, or the secrets of ho'opono pono, or the history and mana of the land all around you as you sit beneath the swaying palms on the magical Big Island of Hawai'i. Just for you in the privacy of your own accommodations or in a location we arrange for you at an additional charge.

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $895

Dolphin Swim

Stay in the boat and watch . . . or put on your snorkel and dive right in to the warm tropical waters to swim with these wonders of nature. And keep your eyes open for whales, manta rays and a host of colorful fishes and corals. In a sheltered bay and yet absolutely in the wild, embrace your ocean connection to our hidden Hawaii.

Length: 5 hrs Price: $300-$500 per person

Private Hot Pond

A truly one-of-a-kind experience available only through Wellness With Aloha. Your own private hot pond (a constant 89 degrees) of absolutely pristine, pure Hawaiian spring and ocean water. On private land, absolutely unlike anything available to the general public in Hawaiian parks.
Nowhere else in Hawaii can you enjoy total privacy in your own natural tropical pool, a full fifteen feet deep and fifty yards across. Your chance to truly immerse yourself in Hawaii, right in the bosom of Pele.


Embrace the power and energy of an intuitive Hawaiian blessing given by Keahi Hanakahi, healing kahu originally from the magical island of Moloka’i. Rare and deep insights into your personal path will be given to you through the rare and potent connection of the kahu to your soul and the Universe. Keahi is a loving and powerful spirit whose roots to Hawaiian energy stretch deep into history. keahi

You will have the chance to ask questions if you choose and receive guidance deep from the heart of Hawaiian wisdom. Keahi also chants ancient Hawaiian tones from the time of the pre-Ali’I. You will feel right down to your bones the vibration of pure ancient Hawaiian energy as his voice helps tune you to the energy of the island for the duration of your visit. Given to you in a private location arranged just for you. Transportation provided for an additional charge.

More about Keahi

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $325


Journey to the steaming caldera of Kilauea Volcano and feel the presence of Pele herself as you join her kahuna, Kalei'iliahi, in a sacred ritual personalized just for you. Receive direct intuitive messages from the Goddess herself as channeled through her Priestess, insight into the deepest parts of you and your essence.


Pele is the heart of Hawai'i, the seat of passion. Stories of her magic and her deep connection the land itself are a part of the worldwide consciousness. No experience anywhere in the world can compare to having her kahuna with you in her sacred home atop the volcano.

Join her to create a unique and private connection to the Big Island, all your own and to carry with you wherever you go. Catered private picnic lunch can be provided for an additional charge. Transportation can be provided for an additional charge.

Length: 3-4 hrs     Price: $995
****Up to three people included

Length: 4 hrs Price: $2000 for up to 8 people / $250 per person above 8

The single most valuable thing we offer you is that we are here, we know the place. You don't need to know in what area of the island you want to stay to get the most of your time here, we arrange convenience for you. You don't need to know the difference between two accommodations that look the same on line or by description but have different prices, we pre-screen every experience, every person, every accommodation for you. We know all of the things you would like to know but couldn't possibly know and we will steer you only to the very best quality and unmatched value.


Limousine / Luxury Car

Bask in the release from any need to drive, in the back seat of a limousine or luxury car (hybrid where available) driven by a friendly island expert and available to answer questions or assist in any way you choose. Beverages per pre-request are included. Catered pupus can be provided for an additional charge.

Price: $100-$150/hr


Catered Meal

Enjoy the fantastic local flavors of Hawaii in meals prepared to your specific taste. Special diets such as vegetarian, soy free, gluten-free can be accommodated individually or as a group. Just for you in the privacy of your own accommodations. This can be as simple as a selection of your favorite foods that you prepare yourself on your own schedule, or, if left up to the chef, a typical dinner for 2 would include saffron-infused risotto over warm-water Hawaiian lobster, tangerine macadamia nut salad with basil-vinaigrette over local greens and warm crusty bread and, for dessert, a pineapple brulee with grated fresh coconut and Hamakua Coast vanilla bean crème Anglaise.

Length: 2-3 hrs Price: $60-$500 per person

Prices shown include all gratuities. There are no hidden costs or extras. Our Menu and prices are per individual except where noted. Other services such as private sailing cruises, helicopter lava tours, horseback picnics, night-time manta ray encounters and other phenomenal natural experiences are also available. Prices are subject to change, call us. And remember when you look at our packages that we are a concierge service, so the examples are simply ready-to-go ideas of what you can do with a week here--if you don't see exactly what you like, we build you something that you do exactly like!


And click right here for another example of accommodations with a fully interactive preview. For the complete background on our hand-picked private house and condominium accommodations, click here.

Mission Statement

Wellness With Aloha is dedicated to bringing you the finest cultural and healing experiences available anywhere in Hawaii.


Our healers and other practitioners have only the deepest reverence for the Big Island as a healing center whose destiny is to be a beacon to mankind.

Our practices individually and collectively are exclusively focused on economic, ecological and cultural sustainability for all the islands and people of Hawaii.

The cultural and spiritual guides from within our community who work with our company see this island as a great gift to all the people of Earth. Let us introduce you to those who connect most directly to its heart. And then let them bring that healing power to your service . . . body and soul!

E komo mai.