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Visualize rewarding or refreshing your co-workers . . . they each arrive to find an ocean view from their hotel room, they know they really are here . . . and after their first night of peaceful rest, the relaxation begins with a session of ho'opono pono with a kahu, giving you a powerful clearing and palce to begin anew . . . the next day of lomi lomi massage for each in one of the most exotic locations on Earth . . . the next a day connection to culture with a visit to a sacred temple in the company of a native healer and guide . . . perhaps more ho'opono pono or a stress-releasing eco-journey into sacred Waipi'o Valley to help protect endangered species and practices . . . what is your Hawaiian vision for your group?

These very affordable corporate packages, that can be done any week for your convenience, are only available for groups of eight or more travelers to enjoy together over the course of four days and five nights. Each includes double-occupancy hotel accommodations in ocean-view rooms at the at the gorgeous and luxurious Fairmont Orchid resort hotel in Waikoloa and group transportation to all healing and cultural experiences.

The corporate group packages are designed to rejuvenate the body and clear the mind for better performance in all work environments. They include instructional sessions on breathing and relaxation techniques and other sessions on ho'opono pono, the world-famous Hawaiian technique for how to resolve any conflicts within your organization quickly and fairly and to move forward in the best direction for your company and engage your people for greater effectiveness.

Ho'opono pono can show everyone how to obtain purpose and clarity, to learn to eliminate unconscious reactions that impact negatively on goals, plans and decisions and to learn to create a foundation of inner principles that can be accessed any time no matter what's going on around them.

Each person has an "inner knowing" that reveals perfect practical solutions. You are trained to ignore it and to focus on external circumstances. You will learn to invert this process so that intuition and inspiration become the basis of our choices and actions and reveal ideal solutions. Every person also has powerful innate strengths. You will learn techniqes for channeling people toward their best result.

Everyone in the group will learn the key qualities that create a cooperative working environment for achieving objectives and how to activate those qualities in themselves and others.

The final result is that in only a couple of sessions, your people learn to:
  • Achieve clarity, purpose and self-motivation
  • Be more effective and productive
  • Take 100% responsibility for solving problems
  • Resolve problems in a more "open-minded" way
  • Create more time and space to succeed

And no matter how many are in your group, every experience will be had in intimate personal settings of never more than ten at any time allowing for ample individual interaction with the native Hawaiian healers and guides over several hours.

Prices shown are per person in groups of eight or more.


Open 2010 in the most exotic spaces on Earth on the Big Island of Hawaii, with a whole team of powerful, authentic, native kahu and kupuna by your side at every step. From the steaming crater of Kilauea to the lush taro patches of remote Waipi'o Valley, connect with the astounding rich energy of Hawaii, of its ancient tropical land and of these amazing people as we take you on a vision-clearing journey to the secret, sacred spaces they know best. This package includes an ocean-front spa experience at the Fairmont Orchid Spa. Re-energize your people and your company for the new year with this package that features these fabulous Hawaiian experiences for each person, some individually and some as a mix of small group and individual:

The gorgeous and luxurious Fairmont Orchid resort hotel is in Waikoloa and has abundant shopping and restaurant choices nearby.