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We are a spiritual and cultural concierge service, not a wellness center. We craft personal, 100% customized-to-you, experiences with native people on a level that has never before been possible here. We firmly believe in cultural, economic and ecological sustainability . . . right in the heart of Hawaii. You can simply call us and we will weave something together or see examples of our offerings on our Menu page.

The knowledgeable traveler to Hawaii is aware of a separation between the general touring public and the native community, especially its sacred heart. This is not Cabo San Lucas, or the Caribbean, or Ft. Lauderdale. There is something special about this particular place and often visitors can sense it all around them . . . but can't quite find it or touch it as it remains hidden from their view.

Our company was created to be a bridge between travelers in search of a more enriching experience in Hawaii and the natives who can give those travelers what they seek, and, by doing so, to create abundance in the powerful center of the native community.

These are not ceremonial kahu. These are people who can shift and heal your soul. In a place unlike anyplace else on Earth.

"Things like my chanting and blessings have been sacred in my ancestral family for generations and this is the first time ever made available to the public. It is very exciting and emotional for me to be in a place and time to share it now. Until now these things have always only been kept within our family. That is true for many of the Hawaiians here."

- Keahi Hanakahi

We also do not believe you have to forego all creature comforts to hike into the badlands of some desolate or hard-to-reach place to make progress on the spiritual path, that those comforts placed in their proper perspective will support and help integrate personal growth experiences. (nothing like a soak in a hot tub or relaxing by the pool watching the sunset to process a big day!) Re-seeing how to use our resources, including in a personal way, and with money, and with the planet, is one of the key lessons of our time if we want to change ourselves and the planet we live on.

All trip charges for services go into a trust account and from there into the pockets of the local people, from the kahu (in Hawaiian "the keepers") and kupuna (elders) to the farmers who grow the food you’ll eat to the chef who prepares it, and all the people who assist, to the driver of the van to the owner of the house. A drop in the bucket off of the bottom line for a multi-national resort (1%) would permanently sustain a culture here if passed to the locals, you are making a difference right now.

Why is Hawaii such a truly special place for an experience like this, unlike anywhere else on Earth? Take a look here for a glimpse. Or you can hear my friend Kalani talk about it as no one else can right here. Or you can see Elizabeth Lindsey, also from one of Hawaii's most rooted families, talk about what we believe it means to bring the best out of ourselves, each other and this place right here, a message also briefly encapsulated at

And what is our Wellness with Aloha experience? It's something you can feel with every sense. We offer you the opportunity to make an authentic connection with yourself, with the people, with the land that is Hawaii. The Big Island packages, or single experiences, that we assemble for you on your spiritual and healing journey are not your everyday wellness packages, they are hand-assembled personal journeys with the aid of some of the most powerful wellness practitioners on Earth in all the magical areas of the island. You'll meet native Hawaiian healers where they live, where they practice, where they make their own connection to the mana of Hawaii. We have given you unfettered access to stopping in some of the most private and powerful and healing of places, places few visitors ever go, and you will have a friend waiting when you arrive!

Yet with all of that said, the single most valuable thing we offer you is that we are here, we know the place. You don't need to know in what area of the island you want to stay to get the most of your time here, we arrange convenience for you. You don't need to know the difference between two accommodations that look the same on line or by description but have different prices, we pre-screen every experience, every person, every accommodation for you. We know all of the things you would like to know but couldn't possibly know and we will steer you only to the very best quality and value for the money you spend.

And we'll always be there if you need some guidance. Take advantage of our local expertise to help you do something you truly could not do yourself.

Calm, natural, native energy. Lush greenery. Flowing waters. Far from the crowds, off the tourist path, meeting people with a real connection to this place. People we personally know, styles we have experienced and woven together with care. That is the journey we have arranged for you to have, hassle-free! Come and enjoy our home as we do. E komo mai! (Welcome!)

David Gaynes, President & CEO    More about me

Kama'aina discount 20%.

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Call us and we will create an individual body & soul wellness experience just for you!

Global Warming Policy

We are aware that no matter what we offer as far as sustainable experiences here, a large carbon footprint is required for you even to come and see us. Therefore we as a company will donate 1% of our annual net profits to fight global warming.

Cancellation Policy

Group trips of 4+ require 50% deposit 60 days in advance with the balance due 30 days in advance. 100% refund for cancellations within 24 hrs of purchase and greater than 14 days before scheduled travel. For all packages, a 50% cancellation fee applies 24 hrs from from the moment of purchase until 30 days before scheduled travel. From 30 days before scheduled travel to 14 days before scheduled travel, an 80% cancellation fee applies. No refunds can be made in any amount for any cancellations less than 14 days before scheduled travel.

Privacy Policy

Neither Wellness With Aloha nor Whole Soul Travel, Inc., will ever share any of your personal information, including your email address, with any other business. Period. Aloha!